Cimorelli - Why Did I Let You Go (unreleased)00:55

Cimorelli - Why Did I Let You Go (unreleased)

"Why Did I Let You Go" is an original song by Cimorelli that is speculated to have been originally recorded back around the time of Hello There and the Cimfam EP.


(The below lyrics are incomplete)


I still remember the first time I saw you,

The first look you gave me, first time you called

You'd pick me up and take me to all my favorite places

But then, I needed space, things were going too fast


I thought I didn't need you, but I've never been more wrong!


Now it's over, what have I done?


Why did I let you go?

Why did I let you go? Oh woah oh


Couldn't see it, till you were gone


I should've known,

I should have known

Why did I let you go?

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