"Welcome to Show Business" is the fourth episode of Cimorelli's web series Summer With Cimorelli. The episode was uploaded on June 24th, 2014.


The Cimorelli girls are almost out of money and the monkey's back again. They try to earn money by trying out for the new musical based upon the fictional television show "Savanna Louisiana".


Lisa desperately searches for food throughout the house, until she finds the monkey hiding in their pantry eating their jelly. Now the girls are stuck outside waiting for the animal trainer to come pick up the monkey, until they realize they don't have money to pay the guy. In a last minute desperate attempt, the girls try out for a musical based on a tv show, but ultimately fail in getting the roles.


Read the full transcript here.

Video Gallery

­ Summer with Cimorelli "Welcome to Show Business" Episode 4-007:14

­ Summer with Cimorelli "Welcome to Show Business" Episode 4-0

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