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Who's is amy cimorelli her whole named is amy elizabeth cimorelli and she is the 4th oldest in through out all the sister but the whole family she i s the sixth oldest!
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Amy and Lisa

u can tell she brown hair already. if u wanna know more about amy cimorelli please keep reading i do have some interesting fact about her and her family!
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All sister


- i Know that amy giggles a lots cause almost in every single video eithers she giggles,laugh,or even smile she a bright person and if your wondering what her older sister lisa lisa is the third kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SOme of u guys might know who they are but ill go through the named anyway the first one on top with kinda dark brown hair is lisa as u already know from FACT 4 AMY! The second one on top of amy is katherine, and next to katherine is christina and below lisa is dani,amy, and last but now least lauren!

Dont they have a good family!

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