• BeCkOlIvEr

    Debut Album

    May 6, 2014 by BeCkOlIvEr

    So this is just what I believe/ hope will be the tracklist for Cimorelli's debut album. Which, in my fantasy, would mean that there are four more new songs that we have yet to hear. Or maybe placement of a couple older originals (Million Bucks, Made In America, Wings, Believe It)? :)

    1. All My Friends Say
    2. You're Worth It
    3. Renegade
    4. Everything You Have
    5. That Girl Should Be Me
    6. Come Over
    7. Unsaid Things
    8. Boom
    9. The Last Time
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  • BeCkOlIvEr

    Hey, I have a question to anyone who can answer it and it might sound stupid but I can't figure it out. So here we go: How do you add a picture to a person's image gallery?

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