"The Bright Idea" is the second episode of Cimorelli's web series Summer With Cimorelli and it picks up directly from where "Home Alone" left off. The episode was uploaded to youtube on June 10th, 2014.


Cimorelli must find a way to earn back their money after a party goes wrong.


Dani suggests the girls sing on the boardwalk for passerby, but Christina shoots it down. Lisa then suggests boys will give them the money, but comes to her senses. Lauren asks why they can't make videos for money, but Christina shoots it down before suggesting it herself. The girls record a video of them singing a song on the boardwalk and put it on youtube to find that they are a hit. They are excited until they realize they must put a video up every week to survive.

Featured songs


Read the full transcript here.

Video Gallery

Summer with Cimorelli Episode 2 - "The Bright Idea"06:02

Summer with Cimorelli Episode 2 - "The Bright Idea"

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