The Squash-Da-Bully Tour was the second headlining tour by Cimorelli. It was scheduled to begin in April 11, 2014 in New York, NY and end in April 22, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.


The tour was a consequence of Rocket21's competition "Dream Big to Stop Bullying" alongside with "Fight Your Ignorance", a company that produces anti-bullying t-shirt. The girls've worked with Rocket21 in their Made In America Radio Tour for some treat-n-greets.

The winners received as prize a concert by the girls on their school and another gifts as well.

Set List

  1. Put a Lid On It (only in New York)
  2. Think Before You Post (only in Denver)
  3. What would you do, if it were you? (only in Los Angeles)
  4. You're Worth It
  5. Everything You Have

Tour Dates

Date City School
United States
11 April 2014 New York World Journalism Preparatory School
18 April 2014 Denver Morey Middle School
22 April 2014 Los Angeles


On New York's concert, You're Worth It and Everything You Have were sung for the first time. 

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