Made in America EP

General Information

Released: June 18, 2013
Format: Digital download
Length: 12:15


Previous: CimFam EP

Made in America was released June 18, 2013. It features four original songs by Cimorelli.

Track listing


  • The Editors' Notes on iTunes lists this EP as having five tracks.
  • "CimorelliMadeInAmericaEPOutNOW" trended worldwide on Twitter.
  • Wings was previously released on the Believe It EP, but on this EP, it is the studio version.
  • Made In America was released free on iTunes. The three other songs are each ninety-nine cents.
  • Made In America was the single of the week on iTunes.
  • In honor of the EP being released, SweetyHigh revealed they were going to give out a signed Cimorelli poster.


Video Gallery

CIMORELLI "Made in America" EP Sampler!-002:22

CIMORELLI "Made in America" EP Sampler!-0

Made in America EP sampler

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