"Home Alone" is the first episode of Cimorelli's web series Summer with Cimorelli. The episode was uploaded to youtube on June 3rd, 2014.


The girls of Cimorelli are in trouble with the police after a party goes wrong.


The episode begins with Suzie, a monkey, damaging a car that already has considerable damage to it while a man tries to get her to stop. Inside the house next door, Cimorelli is being questioned by a police officer about the party they had. It is revealed that rather than being babysat by their Grandma Judy, Christina asked to be put in charge of her sisters for the summer while their parents, archaeologists, are away on a big dig.

Christina explains what happened the day before: Christina tells them their assignments and asks if any of them want to go grocery shopping with her, but none of them do. While she is away, Katherine agrees to the other girls' suggestion of having friends over. When Christina gets back, a party is in full swing: there is a table full of Subs, Amy and Dani are looking through a magazine at llama rides, and people are dancing.

Christina finds the other girls and they manage to get her to sing and dance along. The doorbell rings and there is a trainer with a llama. The flashback ends and after Christina blames the party on herself, the girls apologize to Christina for having the party behind her back. The police officer tells them their neighbor was not going to press charges as long as they paid for the damages to his car. He hands Christina a slip of paper and she is shocked at what she sees.

Later, the girls are standing around a laptop figuring out how much money they have after paying for the damaged car, the llama rental, and purchasing more groceries. When they realize they do not have enough money to survive the rest of the summer, Christina says they will figure out how to earn money.

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Summer with Cimorelli Episode 1 - "Home Alone"07:01

Summer with Cimorelli Episode 1 - "Home Alone"

The full first episode

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